So, what exactly IS a dirty banana?

It’s not nearly as dirty as it sounds.

Ever been to a beach resort in the Dominican Republic? If so, you probably know what a dirty banana is. Haven’t had one? Just imagine a banana milkshake with booze and you’ve got the right idea. Sounds delicious, right? We think so, too. So much so that it inadvertently became the drink of choice at our DR destination wedding and started a wedding hashtag trend. Now, #dirtybanana is going global.

If all this dirty banana talk has given you a booze-y craving, follow the (very unspecific) recipe below to make yourself a well-deserved delicious treat*:

  1. Find a blender.
  2. Throw in some ice, rum, coconut liqueur, banana liqueur, Kahlua, milk/heavy cream/half & half, and a banana (frozen is best), and blend (obviously).
  3. Squeeze chocolate syrup around the inside rim of your glass & pour in your delicious concoction.
  4. Add a drink umbrella for extra flair and enjoy!

*Drink responsibly.

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