Check out the itinerary!

As promised, more details on our trip are finally here–check out the Itinerary page to see a rough outline of where we’re going and when. It’s not finished yet (we’ve still got South America!), but we’ll keep updating it over the next few weeks.

For those of you interested in meeting up somewhere along the way, feel free to reach out for more details–we’d love to have you! If you want an itinerary for your own future travel plans sans the #dirtybanana duo 😉, just keep an eye out for country-specific posts in the coming weeks.

Think we missed a can’t-miss destination? Let us know! While most of our travel arrangements (flights, accommodations) are booked for what you see in the itinerary so far (because, yes, I’m type A to the max), there’s a chance that we can shift things around. I’d like to think that this year is going to help me become less type A and more zen…we’ll see.

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