Photo Post – Mt. Haleakala Sunset

After a long trek up to the summit of Mt. Haleakala (read all about it in Sally’s Maui post), we were rewarded with spectacular landscapes and views across the island. We came for the sunset, of course, but got there early in plenty of time. The rugged, windswept terrain offered a fascinating interplay of light and shadow even before the sun was really starting to set.

Windswept Peaks of Haleakala

Haleakala is best know for its sunrises, but even the sunsets are spectacular and we came on a good day. Contrary to the sunrises however, there was only a small crowd which made the whole experience even more serene.

Mt. Haleakala Summit Sunset

Once the sun started to really set and approach the horizon, the light and clouds put on a spectacular show. Awe-inspiring.

Mt. Haleakala Summit Sunset

I had a great time shooting and playing with the camera, but also took the time to just soak in the view and enjoy the moment.

Mt. Haleakala Summit Sunset

P.S.: Prints of the photos are available in my redbubble shop.

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