Photo Post – Oz’s Wonderful Wildlife

Australia has some crazy and amazing wildlife, and although we (luckily?) didn’t encounter any of the more dangerous examples in the wild, we got to see a lot of cool animals out and about. And, of course, we also got to see some of the more dangerous ones from behind the safety of their enclosures. We have one more “wildlife” trip to Taronga Zoo here in Sydney planned, but here are my best shots so far.

From behind a safe enclosure

Riding 'em High

Brave little guy.

Wildlife Down Under VI

Agro the croc. Who killed 8 other crocodiles before being locked up in this wildlife reservation and then almost got himself killed by…

Eye of the Croc

… Jack the Ripper. Who broke through his enclosure to attack Agro.

Wildlife Down Under VII

Lizard enjoying a tan.

Wildlife Down Under V

Chillin’ Kingfisher.

Wildlife Down Under IV

Cute “Get away from me tourist” Marsupial

Silver Muncher

Grumpy Koala

From out and about:

Wildlife Down Under II

Mr. “Can I eat you?” Lizard

Wildlife Down Under VIII

Thirsty Magpie

Wildlife Down Under IX

Chillin’ Kingfisher – redux

Wildlife Down Under XIV

Willy Wallaby

Wildlife Down Under XIII

King Kang

Wildlife Down Under XII

King Kang and company

Wildlife Down Under X

Curious Kangaroo
And as a little bonus, here’s a short clip of King Kang and his buddies:

 Prints available via redbubble. If you’d like one that’s not on redbubble yet, just let me know!

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