Photo Post – Uluru Sunrise

This post is out of sequence since I’ve already posted the Great Ocean Road pictures, but I had such a hard time picking the best pictures – I simply had too many. The Uluru sunrise was magical, and it was 100% worth getting up super early for. I spent a good 90 minutes enjoying the colorful scenery from different vantage points, and definitely took a few too many pictures. The most stunning part of the sunrise was the interplay of colors between the sky, the clouds and the desert and it made it a truly unique experience that I hope I was able to capture in these shots. Enjoy.


Moonlight hike – on the way to the outlook point.


First Light


Panoramic view – as you can see the sun was rising off to the left of Uluru.


This made for some great effects on the clouds over Uluru.


And in the bushes too.





Even with the sun higher up, the view was still magical.



On the way back to our campsite I realized that I had had the Olgas in my back the whole time. The were pretty far away and exactly opposite the sunrise so I hadn’t noticed them on my way up to the outlook in the dark. Of course I couldn’t resist snapping a few additional pictures – especially with the clouds the way they were painting with the sunlight!



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