Photo Post – Fantastic Fiji

Our first few days in Fiji were a bit rainy and overcast, so I don’t have too many great photos, but it gave us a good excuse for a day trip to Yanuca island. The weather also turned around for the second part of our time there, and Fiji was as fantastic as we had imagined. The main island, Viti Levu, is much bigger than French Polynesia and has a few things to offer besides beaches (in fact Viti Levu has surprisingly few beaches for its size) but the best part was the island hopping and the amazing beaches you can find on all the small islands! Enjoy the pictures.

Pacific Harbor under clouds.

Yanuca island.

“Picking” coconuts

Driving along the Viti Levu coast.

Entrance to Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park.

Climbing sand dunes is fun but exhausting.

Worth it.

Natadola Beach.

Island hopping time!

Castaway Island (where they filmed the movie Castaway)

Yanuya Island.

Real island life.

Cloud 9 – because Fiji just doesn’t have enough islands?

Our last sunset at the Fiji Orchid resort.

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