Photo Post – New Zealand’s Magical Sights

After Australia's coasts and the outback, New Zealand's landscapes were quite the change of scenery. New Zealand packs a lot of variety and magic into its size, and I had a lot to photograph. Here are the shots that I think best do it justice, although of course it can't replace being there in person. …

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Photo Post – Taronga Zoo & A Bit of Sydney

Out of all the cool stuff Syndey has to offer, Taronga Zoo was one of my personal highlights. In part because  it provides a ton of great photo opportunities, so there's plenty to see in this post! This chimp was feeling the "permanent vacation" lifestyle. Chilling with some views.

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Photo Post – Uluru Sunrise

This post is out of sequence since I've already posted the Great Ocean Road pictures, but I had such a hard time picking the best pictures - I simply had too many. The Uluru sunrise was magical, and it was 100% worth getting up super early for. I spent a good 90 minutes enjoying the …

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Photo Post – The Great Ocean Road and South Australia

Despite some initial bumps in the road, our roadtrip from Adelaide to Melbourne was wonderful and offered a ton of amazing sights and landscapes. It was quite a busy few days between driving every day and seeing as much as possible, and even if the weather didn't always play along nicely, it was still an …

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Photo Post – Oz’s Wonderful Wildlife

Australia has some crazy and amazing wildlife, and although we (luckily?) didn't encounter any of the more dangerous examples in the wild, we got to see a lot of cool animals out and about. And, of course, we also got to see some of the more dangerous ones from behind the safety of their enclosures. …

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Photo Post – Lava Landscapes

Hawaii's volcanoes - active, dormant and extinct - offer amazing landscapes and scenery, and a lot of it. Almost anything on Hawaii is touched by lava at some point and it makes for some amazingly beautiful landscapes. Here are my best shots from our two weeks on Hawai'i. From the slopes of the volcanoes...

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Following Our Travel Updates

Just a quick update on how to follow our travels, if you simply can't get enough of our adventures😉. Pick whatever works best for you! Dirty Banana Goes Global Blog: This, obviously! Comprehensive updates with photos, although sometimes a bit behind our actual travels. Instagram: Follow us on Instagram (Sally and/or Ben) if you like frequent photo and …

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What to Pack: Gentlemen Edition – part 2

In part 2 of the Gentlemen Edition packing list, I'll focus on a variety of miscellaneous items that will come in handy at various times during our travel, as well as my photography gear. For details on clothing and other everyday items have a look at part 1. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS Multi-tool: Lots of travel blogs recommend …

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