Photo Post – Taronga Zoo & A Bit of Sydney

Out of all the cool stuff Syndey has to offer, Taronga Zoo was one of my personal highlights. In part because  it provides a ton of great photo opportunities, so there's plenty to see in this post! This chimp was feeling the "permanent vacation" lifestyle. Chilling with some views.

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Photo Post – Uluru Sunrise

This post is out of sequence since I've already posted the Great Ocean Road pictures, but I had such a hard time picking the best pictures - I simply had too many. The Uluru sunrise was magical, and it was 100% worth getting up super early for. I spent a good 90 minutes enjoying the …

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42 Wallaby Way, Sydney!

We wrapped up our time in The Land Down Under in Sydney--home to so many of my favorite Finding Nemo references! Here's what we did: Day 34: Not all Airbnbs are created equal We flew from Melbourne to Sydney in the morning and managed to figure out public transport to our Airbnb pretty easily--already Sydney's …

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City girl back in a (not the) city

Finally, it was time to head to a proper city: Melbourne! Being the NY snob that I am, I still managed to find things to complain about 😂 Forgive me Aussies. Day 30: Chocolate on chocolate & the best risotto ever Before heading into the city, Ben and I decided to backtrack a few miles on …

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From Adelaide to Melbourne we go!

After surviving the desert, it was time to head south and begin our road trip from Adelaide to Melbourne...this is our story: Day 25: Here we go again, part 2 After landing in Adelaide and picking up our rental car, we got on the road to head to Kangaroo Island, our first stop on the …

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Photo Post – Oz’s Wonderful Wildlife

Australia has some crazy and amazing wildlife, and although we (luckily?) didn't encounter any of the more dangerous examples in the wild, we got to see a lot of cool animals out and about. And, of course, we also got to see some of the more dangerous ones from behind the safety of their enclosures. …

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A city girl survives the desert

After a few days in the tropical rainforests of Australia, it was time for a visit to the Outback. I'll admit I was not excited about this all. I'm a city girl through and through, so the idea of being in the literal middle of nowhere for 4 days was pretty unappealing--not to mention …

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